About the Mindfulness Teacher’s Association (the MTA)

About the Mindfulness Teacher’s Association (the MTA)

Mindfulness Teacher Register | Diverse group

Centre of Excellence and Professional Register of Accredited Teachers of Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Teachers Association, (the MTA) is currently the UK’s largest professional body and register of Mindfulness Teachers.

The MTA is a not for profit, UK based organisation, led and maintained by a team of kind and dedicated volunteers. 

At present mindfulness teachers are not regulated and there are no governing or regulatory bodies. The MTA was developed to provide free ongoing support and advise for all Mindfulness Teachers along with providing a free professional register, and community of  accredited teachers of mindfulness.

Our register is open to all mindfulness teachers who have a recognised, externally accredited training and qualification in teaching mindfulness.

All members of the register agree to the following conditions:
  • To follow a strict code of ethical practice
  • To be appropriately supervised and undertake continuing professional development (CPD)
  • To maintain adequate professional insurance 
  • To not bring the register into disrepute
Code of Conduct | Mindfulness Teachers Register

Ethical and Professional Code

Mindfulness teachers who are included in this register are bound by a strict code of ethical and professional practice.

Mindfulness Teacher Register | Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Professional supervision is available through Central England College on an individual face-to-face basis or by phone, or online via ‘Zoom’.

Mindfulness Teacher Register | Registration process

Register as a Mindfulness Teacher

Applications for registration are accepted entirely at the discretion of the register moderators, who’s decision is final.

get in Touch

For any questions please feel free to call 0121 444 1110 or email us at info@mindfulnessnow.org.uk for any questions you have.